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Code of Conduct

KGC Empire

Code of Conduct

1. Stay loyal to KGC! You can not be in another community/clan etc.

2. Stay open-minded. State your opinion when asked, they are appreciated!

3. Be respectful to all members, showing more to your Senior Officers.

4. Stay in uniform!
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5. No Favoritism or Seniority! What you put in is what you receive!

6. All recruits must add their Squad Tag and understand their uniform!

7. All members must maintain a mature and professional behavior at all times.

8. All members must attend meetings (Unless there is a reasonable excuse not to) and are encouraged to participate in events.

9. All Colonels must host weekly meetings.

10. When someone enters a party holding higher rank than you, they have the floor.

11. When summoned by a higher ranking officer, you must report immediately.

12. KGC is Invite-Only. You must be asked to join.

13. 2nd Lieutenants and up must have a closed friends list.

14. If you leave KGC, you are not welcome to rejoin. You may only be asked to rejoin by a Round Table member.