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Clan Status Levels

Clan Status Levels

Clan Status Levels are the labels put on the relationship between two clans. These can only be determined by the Main Leader(s) of the two clans the relationship is between.

Non-Aggression Pact – The two clans agree to remain neutral between each other and that there will be no hostile actions between the two clans.

Neighboring Pact – The two clans agree to open their events to the other, such as tournaments. The two clans will remain on good terms, but do not have any other involvement in affairs.

Defense Pact – The two clans agree that they will defensively support each other in times of war. Both sides are required to support the other if asked to.

Alliance – The two clans agree to “open their gates” to each other, participate in each other’s events, and defend each other. Both clans have the option to opt out of each other’s wars.

Friendly – The two clans are on good terms with each other.

Neutral – There is no relationship between the two clans.

Hostile/Threat – An individual, group, or clan that poses a threat to the security of KGC.