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Ranking Structure

Founder– KGC SYRIS 7 is the founder who oversees KGC as a whole. There is multiple Founders, however Syris holds the position of founder until he steps down, or another Founder chooses to take on the role of running all of KGC Empire.

Chairman of KGC Empire– Is the overseer of the Board of Directors. Is appointed only by the Founder and serves a 3 month term. This position is the most senior position anybody can get in KGC. Hosts meetings with the Round Table, Assists the founder run and oversee everything.

Round Table– This is a council of some of the founders, most dedicated and loyal members, and the most competent leaders. Runs all of the KGC Empire and its Departments. Votes on topics, blacklist appeals, bringing in new Round Table members, and appointing senior leaders. Reports to the Chairman and Founder.

Chancellor– A Chancellor oversees all Clan Ops and is THE most important position besides the leaders. Reports to the Round Table. Serves a 3 month term.

Ranks of the KGC Empire

High Command– The High Command position is very hard to achieve, but is achievable for those leaders who stand out among their peers as an outstanding leader, mentor, tactician, and flexible in his/her leadership abilities. This position is responsible for an Army which is split into Army Group 1, and 2. So therefore there is only ever 2 High Commands at any given time. Reports to the Chancellor who is the supreme leader of all Clan Operations.

Marshal– Oversees two Divisions. Reports to the High Command and Chancellor.

General– The head of all clan operations within their division. This is one of the most important positions in the KGC Empire as they oversee hundreds of members and are responsible for disseminating information down through the ranks put out from the senior leaders. Reports to a Marshal.

Colonel– A very important and managerial position. A colonel oversees 3-4 squads. This position typically has 2 colonels per division. Assists the General in running the division

Major– Leader and overseer of the squad element. Majors are the most senior member in their squad and are held to the utmost standards. This position is for members who have great leadership abilities, management, and problem solving skills.

Captain– The Captain is the second in command of the squad (25-40 members). Trains Lieutenants for higher leadership roles, promotes members in squad along with Major, and assists the Major in running the squad.

Lieutenant– Entry level officer position. A Lieutenant oversees 5-10 members in their squad. Oversees Sergeants.

Sergeant- This position is simple to attain. You must either recruit 10 members into the Empire or change your gamertag. Sergeants are responsible for training members and keeping them in Uniform.

Private- This position is simple to attain. You  must recruit 3 members into the Empire and be properly trained.

Recruit- Entry-Level position of the community. Can be used as a trial position, and is also for those who do not wish to have heavy involvement in the community but maybe want to meet new people.